Auger Compactors / Compactors

Auger Compactors

Pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, our augers runs in a continuously forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of virtually everything they are fed. This enables the auger compactor to process waste up to five times faster and with higher compaction ratios than any other type of waste compactor on the market today.

Wheeler Recycling Technologies can supply all necessary augers and accompanying equipment required for the paper, wood, and metal converting industries. Our design and implementation expertise ranges from the largest to the most modest installations. Whatever your needs, we will provide you with expert advice and quality equipment.

Stationary Augers

Trash compaction systems use detachable bins to store compacted refuse prior to hauling. The revolutionary design of our stationary auger compactors provide superior containment for both wet and dry trash. While the compactor and receiver bin are attached, they are 100% sealed, and upon separation, there is minimized spillage due to the relatively small round opening. Available in 5 to 40 Horse Power models.

Self-Contained Augers

Self-contained trash compaction systems consist of an auger compactor and a receiver bin that have been permanently welded together to form a unit that is always 100% sealed and liquid tight. The permanent seal makes the self-contained compactors ideal for applications that require NO spillage. Available in 5 to 15 Horse Power models.


Our line of Compactors sets the standard for quality, dependability and value in the compactor industry. They include stationary and self-contained units designed with interlocking structural stiffeners, ram guides, and made of only the highest grade of American steel located in the Midwest. Electrical and hydraulic components are chosen by their reliability, not price. With much of the competition cutting corners, our focus remains on the quality and durability of the equipment we supply. Whether you are looking for your office building, hotel, restaurant or industrial application, we have a compactor to meet your needs.