Wheeler Recycling Technologies can provide a wide range of balers from small grocery store units to high production, fully automated systems. To go directly to your area of interest, select from the following:
Horizontal Single Ram Balers
Closed Door Multi-Grade Full Eject

Closed door horizontal balers are designed for applications where high-volume production is not a priority, but bale quality is. There are over 50 models of closed door balers available to meet your specific baling requirements. Click thumbnails for specs and installed examples:

Open-End Auto-Tie Non-Shear

Open-end auto-tie balers offer the widest range of feed openings and production capacity. They are the ideal balers for automated baling of flexible packaging, paper trim, boxboard, SBS, corrugated, printer’s waste and various other fibrous products. Click thumbnails for specs and installed examples:

Open-End Auto-Tie Shear

The open-end, shear-style baler is designed for a multitude of applications -- small to medium sized MRFs, paper scrap applications, printers and converters. These shear-style balers are also an ideal fit for distribution centers where more flattened cartons are generated. Click thumbnails for specs and installed examples:

Closed Door - Standard

Closed door gradual eject balers are designed for single grade applications where space is not a concern and lower production volume is the expectation. With a variety of cylinder and feed opening options, the closed door gradual eject baler can meet the needs for your specific baling application.

Two Ram Balers
Compact Two Ram Series

These units range from small to powerful and fast balers, capable of up to 37,500 cubic feet of displacement per hour. This series of balers can produce up to 220 bales per eight-hour day in certain grades. Click on thumbnails to view installed examples:

Wide Box Series

This series offers four different hopper dimensions and several compression forces, so you can select a model based on the density and volume of your waste stream. This medium to high production series can handle most recyclables including OCC, OCP, printer’s waste, light metals, miscellaneous fibers, HDPE and PET plastics. They boast a wide variety of features designed to provide low operating costs and high productivity. Please click thumbnails for installed examples:

Narrow Box Series

The NB Series Two Ram baler is specifically designed to be a versatile machine that can handle multiple grades of material. The NB Series gives the operators the ability to have different setups for baling wire to be placed around the bale to hold memory retentive material. The NB Series baler allows for multiple grade setups for baling multiple grades. Please click thumbnails for installed examples:

Vertical Balers

Vertical balers offer a selection of various sizes and options to let you job-match a baler to your specific needs, work area and budget. These units are designed to be hand or conveyor fed and the bales hand tied. Their compact design saves valuable floor space. These are used by shopping centers, warehouses, food stores or even scrap yards. Please click thumbnails for installed examples: